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Welcome to the Friends of Homeless Animals Calendar

We rescue small dogs with big hearts! We are a volunteer group that helps primarily Boston Terriers, Boston mixes and other small dogs when resources permit. We rescue locally and all around the country - if our help is needed. Check out our Available Dogs page (http://www.fohari.org/available-dogs/) to see a current listing of our dogs waiting to be adopted. Friends of Homeless Animals, Inc. was founded on the mission to 'Help dogs in need'. This does not mean we only rescue the young, cute adoptable puppies. We rescue all kinds of dogs; Seniors, dogs with special needs such as hearing loss, sight impairment or other handicaps. We rescue dogs who need forever homes and give them the assistance to find those homes. What this means is that we spend a major portion of our operating budget on vetting our dogs. Not only do we vet to cure sick dogs or those in emergency situations, but we also spend money on each dog as it comes into our rescue. We are very strict about having all dogs spay/neutered. We also will not just give the regular shots to our animals. We make sure all dogs are tested for Heartworm, and other common canine illnesses as well. When you adopt from us, you can be sure your pup has been fully vetted and they are ready for adoption. Thank You!

FOHA 2018 Calendar

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